Create a world where nature and people thrive together.

starting place

The impact needed was straightforward but not simple: inspire and engage the next generation of California leaders to support The Nature Conservancy and their innovative work to help nature do what it does best — sustain all life on Earth.

In a time when concern for the environment had been consistently trending down behind other issues, we set out to create a program where donors could contribute not only with their dollars, but their knowledge, influence and networks.

what we did

We developed a program architecture and campaign—This Is Our Future—that married The Nature Conservancy’s innovative approach to conservation with the pioneering spirit of Silicon Valley and California in general —destroying the the tired paradigm of human progress at odds with nature’s needs and harnessing the innovation of the tech industry for nature.

The program architecture was designed to apply to a variety of issues that The Conservancy addresses from water conservation to protecting animal habitats to developing more sustainable fishing practices. Campaigns to provide solutions to these issues will include an innovation challenge, inviting Silicon Valley’s best and brightest to develop and apply cutting edge technology to conservation problems; a VR experience to immerse donors in the problem to solve and how technology can catalyze change; and building partnerships with tech and creative capital to bring it all to life.  

The first campaign in this new model launched with a VR experience that put donors in the middle of a fishery to get a first hand look at the often unseen complexities of an overfished and unmonitored ecosystem. The campaign also partnered with Kaggle to call on their 200,00-300,000 data scientists to help bring tech-enabled monitoring to the long-line fishery in the Western and Central Pacific. Operating under the principle that if we can see it we can save it, this approach helps better enforce fishing regulations in the region—reducing the amount of bycatch and overfishing—and ensuring that tuna is a reliable resource for years to come.