Convening an unlikely coalition around climate crisis and economic opportunity

starting place

In the panoply of emotions after November 9th, 2016, many of us questioned what was to be done next. One very present need was to redouble efforts around the climate.

what we did

We launched with a Shared Mission℠ summit on November 28-29, 2016 in Santa Barbara, in partnership with Michael Smith of Ponvalley, to convene key leaders from business, science, technology, civic, faith groups, nonprofit and government around climate change in the weeks following President Trump’s election to develop cross-sector solutions. We formed new alliances, opened up new ways of looking at the issues, and connected people around a focused list of big new solutions.

World Value℠ impact

100+ ideas were generated, 11 were prioritized by the group, teams were formed, and $65 million was committed to climate change initiatives. We’re working with two of the ideas to create actionable plans to make sure these Missions get out into the world.