Shared Mission: Rebuilding Trust One Neighborhood at a Time

starting place

50% of Americans say they don’t trust their neighbors and, even though social connection helps people live much richer lives, one in four people don’t have someone to share their personal troubles and triumphs with. Offerup, a peer-to peer marketplace that depends on trust, partnered with enso to launch a shared mission to strengthen this core element of society in communities where their members live.

what we did

Working in collaboration with OfferUp, we realized that rebuilding trust at scale begins, in microcosm, with face-to-face interactions between people and the best way to combat social isolation is to bring neighbors together in small groups for conversations about much more than the weather.

We launched the NeighborUp shared mission, a first-of-its-kind program bringing together a coalition of community builders including the City of LA and the Neighborhood Council, to convene a series of neighbor-led dinners across Los Angeles. Everyone from homeless advocates to real-estate developers to members of faith-based groups pulled up to the same table for shared meals and conversation around the issue of restoring trust in their communities. To facilitate these gatherings, we created detailed guidelines on that helped hosts lead conversations that built bridges across lines of difference.

World Value℠ impact

We brought together a cross-sector group of Los Angelenos to begin to rebuild trust in LA and to establish best practices for the expansion of the program across the country. Over the course of a series of dinners in the Downtown LA, South LA and Melrose neighborhoods, attendees took the conversation to some rich and unexpected places — the importance of removing labels, the ways to stay optimistic and nourished in the face of big challenges, and the overwhelming power of love. And we helped people across disparate parts of neighborhoods come together.  As Bob, a Downtown LA attendee put it:

“There are a lot of great people in this room, and every day you meet great people- we just need to be open to listening and learning, there is a reason why people come into your life.”

Following the LA pilot, we will convene a group of regional community builders to come together to create a unified vision of how to further restore trust. NeighborUp will ultimately be scaled to cities across the country and will expand the program from just dinners to other opportunities for one-to-one neighborhood connections.