Shared Mission: A Growth Mindset Intervention for the World

starting place

Sal Khan had built a world class learning platform and asked enso to create Khan Academy’s first ever global launch in order to double their usership.

what we did

Challenged by Sal to create more than marketing, we elevated a product launch into a global growth-mindset shared mission. Unified with the idea “You only have to know one thing. You can learn anything.”, we developed a fully integrated content campaign—both externally (from TV to Times Square) and internally by integrating onto the Khan Academy platform itself—which invited the world to join the shared mission.

World Value℠ impact

Usership went from 15M to 35M. Learning session times increased 80%. The anthem video was viewed over 5 million times and armed teachers to be microleaders in their classrooms. The White House, The Department of Education, Google, John Legend, Lebron James, and Bill Gates all joined the shared mission and began to distribute content to their followings.