Rallied 4.5M members of the web to fight SOPA

starting place

When a bill claiming to fight piracy arrived on the Senate floor, civil society and technology leaders expressed concerned. Positive in intention, the way the bill was written threatened to “break the internet.” We partnered with the Google Policy team to mobilize partners and users to protect a free and open web by stopping SOPA.

what we did

Our task was to make a highly technical piece of legislation relevant to not just other tech-enthusiasts, but everyday people who value the Internet. We developed an approach to rally support by illustrating the groundswell of trusted organizations and figureheads who openly opposed the bill. By developing inspiring content and a clear call to action on google.com/takeaction, Google was a key voice in the Internet black out of January 2012 – and a week later, the bill was resigned.

World Value℠ impact

Google collected over 7m signatures, making it one of the largest single day activations in internet history.  A week later, the bill was resigned.