Shining a light on small businesses to inspire a way forward in Brazil

starting place

In 2016, Brazil was facing unprecedented political, economic, and cultural stress. Over 1.2 million people had lost their jobs, and the country was in its worst recession in history. But despite these setbacks, small businesses and entrepreneurs were, and still are, diligently shaping Brazil’s future. They represent more than half of the country’s jobs and fuel economic growth and momentum at a national level.

what we did

We collaborated with Google to shine a light on small business heroes in Brazil, and gave them a megaphone to share their wisdom and fighting spirit with fellow business owners. In an anthem video, we take an intimate look into the lives of the people who drive Brazil’s economy, and how their unique perspectives offer inspiration not just for their fellow entrepreneurs, but for all of us. And in a second video, we get to know some of these small business owners and hear in their words how Google’s tools have impacted their business, and how embracing new technology is part of the entrepreneurial mindset.

World Value℠ impact

The anthem video was seen over 3M times and was used to inspire small businesses across Brazil.