Shared Mission: Harness Local Innovation for a Better Canada

starting place is Google’s philanthropic arm that applies data-driven, human-focused philanthropy to provide funding, expertise, and technology to innovative nonprofits. They believe that technology can help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, and they’re eager to back innovators who are exploring new ways to make a big impact.

The Impact Challenge was created to identify these social innovators, to engage the public in supporting them, and to award grant funding to their best ideas. In late 2016, asked Canadian nonprofits how they would use innovation to make a better world. From hundreds of ideas submitted, 10 finalists were selected. They then invited Canadians to vote for the project with the greatest impact potential. We were engaged to develop the creative campaign to galvanize Canadians to join the shared mission and take action by voting for the ideas they felt would have the greatest impact.

what we did

We aspired to tap into the individual agency in people by developing campaign creative anchored in values and impact rather than focused strictly on the ideas, the finalists, or Google. To incentivize people to bring others into the shared mission, we innovated a modular film that could be broken down and shared in pieces (individual videos, gifs, images, assets for social mastheads) to provide discrete values-aligned content that finalists, their followers, and the general public would be most likely to share. The overall creative approach depicted a world we can all build together.

World Value℠ impact

475,000 votes poured in during the three week voting period; the highest voter participation % of internet population of any national Impact Challenge. During the campaign period, total views of the campaign film on the YouTube Canada channel reached 1.9M.views, visits to the channel went up by 6,750%, and subscriber count nearly doubled. There were 1,200+ posts on social media, totaling 6,000,000+ impressions. Impact Challenge winners were awarded $750K (CAD) in grant funding and the 5 remaining finalists each received $250K in grant funding from

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