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starting place

Google was preparing to launch a new division called News Lab, seeking to introduce and educate journalists worldwide on digital tools that can help them surface new stories, provide more data and context, and create more engaging storytelling experiences. Google initially asked enso for a content series on YouTube. By working closely with them, we unearthed and developed the strongest solution to meet their goal.

what we did

In an enso-facilitated design sprint with News Lab, we discovered we could educate journalists more powerfully if we went beyond content to provide  them with an interactive platform that highlights the overall mission of the brand, promotes their innovative partnerships, showcases their in-depth research on journalistic trends, and provides the necessary training in the use of digital tools to journalists around the world.

The News Lab site features several dynamic modules and course-based training across a variety of tracks including investigative reporting, data journalism, safety and security, trust and verification, immersive storytelling and more. The Training Center builds off of insights we gathered from researching how people use the internet to learn, and many of the best practices from successful educational platforms. The lessons are designed in a card structure, combining succinct, text-based step-by-step instruction and animated video loops that visualize the process of each step.This approach enables viewers  to learn while actually experimenting with and creating their own stories.  There are 60+ bite-sized lessons for journalists on a deadline, but also deeper-dive courses for those looking to become experts.

Building off of the platform, News Lab is developing the next generation of reporters working to inspire change through partnerships with journalism schools and a Google News Lab fellowship program connecting students with media organizations like Matter, Witness, ProPublica and more.

The site is mobile-optimized and lessons are available for PDF download to make this knowledge available globally, particularly in developing countries where broadband internet isn’t readily available.