Shared Mission: Transform a City with Better Broadband

starting place

Google Fiber asked enso to create the first launch campaign for Fiber and position Google for market leadership in Kansas City in just seven weeks. At the same we had a product that was 100 times faster than the competition, and in that the power to truly transform a city’s businesses, schools, and infrastructure.

what we did

By positioning the benefits of Fiber as a civic cause that could transform the city, and architecting a shared mission that all of Kansas City’s stakeholders could participate in, the people of Kansas City actually campaigned for Fiber. Enso architect the shared mission, the core civic cause strategy, a unifying brand platform, an integrated campaign from TV to digital, and a community mobilization rooted in the best traditions of political organizing.

World Value℠ impact

90% of neighborhoods reached their signup goal, exceeding Google’s expectations. Both mayors, 880 community advocates, The Kaufman Foundation, The Convention and Visitor Association, Start Up Village, United Way, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, etc., are just a sampling of the multitude of people and organizations who joined the shared mission to transform the city. Over 36,000 Digital literacy training hours were provided. 1,051 Public housing units got access to no cost Gigabit Internet through our Gigabit Communities program. 275 Public buildings (such as libraries and community centers) received free Gigabit Internet through our Community Connections program. There has been a 6% year-over-year increase in residential Internet usage from 2014-15.

Enso is now working on over seven future Google Fiber cities across the United States.