Connecting small businesses to the millions looking for them

starting place

Enso collaborated with Google to create a campaign encouraging small business owners to embrace the full potential of the web. With an economy that was rebounding and consumers using the web to find the goods and services they need, we sought to reinvigorate entrepreneurs everywhere.

what we did

We created a campaign based on the very simple insight that, today, millions of people are using the web to search for businesses just like yours.

Using data pulled from Google searches, we created a campaign showing business owners how many people were looking for them on a given day. We also created hyper-relevant banners customized to a user’s location and weather conditions. And built a new home for Google’s business products —

World Value℠ impact

By transforming Google’s business marketing from focusing on product attributes to focusing on the magic that happens when the web connects people and businesses, we transformed performance — far exceeding results of product campaigns that had been refined for years.