Shared Mission: Keep the Web Free and Open

starting place

A sub-group of the UN called the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) was meeting to consider legislation to regulate and censor the web without inviting the rest of the world into the conversation. Google asked enso to create a global movement that could be big and loud enough to let the ITU know the world was watching and was for keeping the web free and open.

what we did

Enso elevated things to a truly global shared mission by strategically lifting the challenge from a web issue to a human rights issue, and by designing an independent and open brand in #freeandopen that anyone could join. We created campaign toolkits for student ambassadors and micro-leaders around the world, and aggregated all the user-gen content into an anthem video and a dynamic map visualization that the ITU could see growing in real time.

World Value℠ impact

By time of the ITU gathering, 3.2M voices posting with #freeandopen had been aggregated and visualized.  The open brand enabled seemingly disparate people, governments, organizations and companies, from all corners of the globe to join the shared mission. From the actual floor of the ITU meeting, members began to tweet messages with the language of #freeandopen. Regulation was averted, and the next day a Russian newspaper ran the headline: “Google stopped the Kremlin.”