Building a community where every table has access to good food.

starting place

Our food system is largely inequitable. 70% of adults are overweight, and 80% of processed foods include sugar; by 2030, it is estimated that 50% of American adults will be obese. At the same time, people are busier than ever, and spending less time in the kitchen; 27 minutes on average today, versus 60 minutes in 1960.

That’s why Everytable set out with the mission to make good food available to everyone. Everytable is a unique retail model that provides affordable access to healthy, delicious food.  It prices its meals according to the neighborhoods it serves, so we can put good food on every table in every neighborhood.

what we did

Through extensive research and insights, enso established the brand positioning, platform, narrative and name, and designed an entire visual ecosystem (brand identity, website, menus, collateral, interior store design, etc.) that celebrates the mission and brand.