Fostering a Bahamian Cultural and Entrepreneurial Renaissance

starting place

Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas has been known worldwide as a place of wonder and awe where you can enjoy the world-famous “sun, sand and sea”.  What it wasn’t known for was an authentic Bahamian experience. This created a shared challenge and opportunity for Atlantis and the Bahamian people.

“The world has changed since Atlantis first opened. Businesses must now partner with their communities to achieve shared sustainable success.”

– Howard C. Karawan, President and Managing Director of Atlantis.

what we did

Recognizing this shared opportunity, enso partnered with new leadership at Atlantis to relaunch the mega resort with a first of its kind impact platform to nurture a Bahamian renaissance by supporting the local economy, cultural traditions and the marine ecosystem of the Bahamas.

The relaunch included the first local community-led film ever made in the Bahamian tourism industry – featuring more than 30 local artists, creators, and cultural leaders, including Piaget Moss (Visual Artist), Allan Wallace (Artist), Steffon Grant (Contemporary Artist) and Tomii Culmer (aspiring model) to serve as an unprecedented celebration of contemporary Bahamian culture.

The vision of a Bahamian renaissance has also transcended the film piece, informing every aspect of the Atlantis guest experience and providing a new model for local partnerships and shared success.

World Value℠ impact

“We have just completed the highest occupancy summer months we have ever had. Success is not defined in one season, but we are beginning to see the results, even with lower promotional and marketing costs. We’re making great progress at changing the resort itself, including both the product and culture.”

– Howard C. Karawan, President and Managing Director of Atlantis
(Jeff Fromm, Forbes, 8/30/17)

Summer bookings increased more than 30% year-over-year after the film launch.   New local partners are coming on weekly, from new on-property restaurants to off-property excursions to continue to bring more Bahamian experiences to guests. Importantly, the mission is also reinvigorating Atlantis’ own employees. It has created a renewed excitement that’s palpable among the property’s staff. Industry partners and travel agents applauded Atlantis for the pivot towards authentic connections that consumers crave with Uproxx saying, “Above all things, this move — by a tourism powerhouse — underscores what so many travelers have always known: There is nothing cooler than actually connecting with the community you’ve flown across the world to visit.”