Turning 9/11 into a day of service 40 million strong

starting place

9/11 had been officially made a national day of service by the White House, but very few Americans were observing it as such.

what we did

Enso’s strategic insight: first, shift the status quo way of honoring the day from remembering to remembering by doing. Second, shift the concept of service (considered too much to take on by many) to that of a tribute to the fallen, which could be as light as a favor for a friend, to as large as days on a community project. In alignment with this we developed the brand platform of “I Will” — the first two words any tribute would start with, the digital platform where people made and shared tributes, and an integrated campaign that spanned from digital to television.

World Value℠ impact

Over 40 million Americans now observe 9/11 by engaging in charitable activities (up from 4 million), over one billion overall media impressions generated since 2011, and awareness that 9/11 is a day of service has jumped from 7.9% in 2011 to over 45% today.