Culture and Leadership coaching at enso has been designed in service to a unique objective. Enso’s mission is impact at scale, and so our lens is not the traditional coaching paradigm of optimizing productivity, efficacy, or organizational dynamics. Our objective is unleashing the authentic energy and purpose within leaders and teams to maximize the positive impact available to them and the organizations they reside in. We do this through creative team intensives, experiential workshops, group team coaching and one-on-one leadership coaching. We look at each culture and its leadership holistically and develop a custom combination of experiences that match the unique people, challenges, and opportunities present.

Each custom plan brings participants through this ladder of learning and action:

1. Authentic Alignment

Powerful leadership, cultures, and impact are born through an inside-out process. The first step is to get leaders and teams connected and aligned with their own authentic purpose, mission, wisdom and creativity—what brings them alive.

2. Organizational Alignment

Once authentic purpose and mission have been discovered, the next step is identifying the congruencies between their personal missions and the mission of the organization. It’s this awareness that inevitably fuels their authentic engagement, vision, creativity and leadership in the organization.

3. Impact Vision

Now empowered through the merging of personal and organizational missions, leaders and teams are coached through the creation of an impact vision. Crafted through the filter of,  “If anything was possible and you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you set out to achieve?”, leaders and teams craft a vision and a plan of impact within the organization.

4. Freedom from limitations

Inevitably, through the creation of the Impact Vision, limiting beliefs about themselves and the organization emerge within the leader and team members.  These are one by one identified, released and transcended through new learning and issue resolution.

5. Committing to action

Now from a place of inspiration through congruence and vision, and in a place of freedom from limiting beliefs, the leader architects a plan of action with milestones, feedback loops, and measurement.

Working with a technology leader at the Soul Purpose 2017 workshop, done in conjunction with University of Santa Monica. Seventy senior business leaders convened in an experiential curriculum to unite with their next act in purpose and positive impact.
Google team intensive done at Universal Studios. Team members are engaged in creative expression of personal values and purpose.