mission-driven community building

While building mission-driven brands and shared missions, creative ideas often emerge for things we can do with, and for, our community. These are projects born of our passions, and opportunities for us to experiment while serving a mission we believe in. What unites them all is a belief in the power of creativity to champion and connect people.


Combining communication, curation and community work – enso partnered with TEDxVeniceBeach to create and launch its new creative platform: “Wild Thoughts.” This was not only the event theme but the catalyst of a series of initiatives including a partnership with JR’s Inside Out Project. With the help of their iconic truck, hundreds of portraits of citizens and passersby were taken, printed and pasted on walls around the neighborhood, in a collective embrace of Venice.


#PassTheERA is a community-sourced effort to raise awareness and engage citizens to fight for The Equal Rights Amendment. Enso hosted a one-day open hackathon with 30+ artists, designers, writers and strategists from across Los Angeles to co-create a toolbox of memes and engagement ideas. The project was featured in Fast Company and Buzzfeed. Click here to learn more.

Common Goal

We collaborated with Streefootballworld, a global network of organizations that are using football for social progress, to launch their most recent impact platform, Common Goal. The idea is simple: 1% of player salaries are committed to a common fund that benefits these grassroots soccer programs. More than 30 male and female professional players have already joined the program.

Debbie Bohan

Debbie Bohan

Defy Ventures

Twice a year, a group of ensonians volunteer at Defy Ventures to coach incarcerated people on entrepreneurship skills. Defy’s program has produced more than 5,000 in-prison and post-release graduates, who have created 170 companies that employ over 350 people in their communities.

Shared Table

Heart-led, family-style conversations about what matters most to us all. Our Shared Table dinner series was created to connect creatives, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders, marketers, business leaders, activists, writers and more to generate new friendships, partnerships, and businesses.

VR That Matters

Art as Empathy Engine

Harnessing the Power of Global Youth

Now Zine

We challenged our team to create a publication about our culture and our future. Everything had to be done in 24 hours, from concept to print. The process was hosted at Paper Chase Press.

Our Manifesto

The story of why we are here, illustrated by Yumi Sakugawa, was installed by our team on the banks of the Los Angeles River.